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With over thirty diverse courses to pick from, we give you every opportunity to achieve your ambitions.

Our Students

  • Chemistry


    “Chemistry has always been interesting yet challenging to me. I particularly enjoy the practicals and learning about industrial processes. The subject also works well with my other subjects and my future career plans. My teachers are fantastic, always there to support you when needed. 

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  • Classical Civilisation


    I joined the sixth form as I completed my GCSEs here and everything was familiar. This really helped me settle in and made the move much more smooth. I use the free Consortium bus service to complete my studies. It is straightforward and the drivers are polite.”

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  • Computer Science


    “I really enjoy A Level Computer Science and it is a subject increasingly in demand for a variety of careers.

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  • Drama and Theatre Studies


    “I enjoy drama and intend to go to drama school or university to continue my studies after sixth form. 

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  • English Language


    “English has many new topics to explore that are engaging and different to what I have previously studied. I have enhanced my writing skills by learning how to develop points that I am making and through group work I have improved my communication skills.

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  • Mathematics


    “I enjoy mathematical challenges and I am aiming for a career in chemical engineering so this course was the right choice for me.

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  • Sociology


    “Sociology was appealing as I had never studied it before and it looked interesting. It incorporates real life situations making it relatable to everyday life.

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  • Spanish


    The course is developing my Spanish knowledge and communication skills and will enable me to go on to study Spanish at university. 

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  • Sport


    “This course is perfect as I enjoy sport as a whole. It is different from the GCSE so you learn about different things. My studies have taught me to be more independent and have also improved my presentation skills.  

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