Student Profiles


Hannah, Classical Civilisation student

"I didn't study Classics for my GCSEs but when I tried at a taster event it really appealed to me. I enjoy the variety of texts that we study and our teacher has a real passion for the subject. I decided to continue into Sixth Form as I already knew the teachers and this made the transition much easier."


Mitchell, Further Mathematics student

"Maths is a strong subject for me, I find it interesting and it works well with my other subjects. I have developed in lots of ways through my studies including areas such as critical thinking, patience, punctuality, organisation, teamwork, and problem solving. Classes are friendly and supportive and teachers are always available to help."


Leonnie, Photography student

"As a person I prefer to express myself through a creative subject so this course was ideal for me. Photography has massively developed my skills on Photoshop as well as improving my analysis skills by writing evaluations. I have had the opportunity to visit the Manchester Art Gallery to see the Vogue Throughout Time Exhibition."