Student Profiles


Liam, English Language student

“I chose to study English as I enjoy discussion in class, especially about real world topics. I find it interesting how the English language affects these topics and the way people think. Lessons are challenging but exciting and our teachers have been helpful through out the course.

I also use the free transport service for my studies.


Manal, Classical Civilisation student

“I have always had an interest in ancient Greek society, theatre and literature. This course has enabled me to develop my understanding of essay writing and engage with others in a great classroom environment.

Our Consortium bus drivers are friendly and the free service is very effective, taking me to where I need to be.”


Ryan, Sociology student

“This subject has expanded my knowledge of vocabulary and developed my openness to beliefs outside of my comfort zone. The teacher has been supportive and encouraging, delivering interactive and intriguing lessons.

I joined this good quality Sixth Form because the subjects that I wanted to study were all available.”