Advanced GCE in Sociology (WJEC)

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You Will Study

This course introduces you to key concepts and core themes surrounding the subject of sociology. It aims to encourage your development and participation by engaging in contemporary issues, raising your sociological awareness and understanding. You will study the following components:

1 - Socialisation and Culture

  • How is culture socially constructed?
  • Processes and agencies of socialisation
  • How does socialisation influence personal and social identity?
  • Families and households: How have family forms and the relationships within families changed?
  • Education: The role and function of education in society

2 - Methods of Sociological Enquiry

  • How do sociologists carry out research?
  • Various research strategies and techniques, their strengths and weaknesses
  • Practical and ethical issues in research

3 - Power and Stratification

  • Crime and deviance
  • Patterns of crime and deviance by gender, ethnicity and social class
  • Various theories explaining patterns of crime and deviance


Assessment is exam and essay based. There are three written papers, one for each component as detailed above.

Future Opportunities

Sociology provides students with the opportunity to develop strong written and oral skills, as well as the capacity to think logically, creatively and coherently. This is very useful in many caeer areas.

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