Advanced GCE in Japanese (Edexcel)

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You Will Study

You will cover four themes. The four themes address a range of content related to society past and present, as well as aspects of the political, artistic and intellectual culture of Japan. They are set in the context of Japan only.

Themes 1 and 3 focus on Japanese society past and present. Theme 2 focuses on Japanese artistic and intellectual culture past and present. Theme 4 focuses on Japanese political culture past and present.

Each theme is broken down into sub-themes and a research subject. Each sub-theme and research subject is divided into a series of aspects.

Students will be assessed on their ability to translate accurately from Japanese into English, their understanding of written Japanese from a variety of types of authentic texts, and their knowledge and understanding of culture and society via research.

Texts vary in length and include an extended passage. All written materials are culturally relevant to Japan and are drawn from the four themes. Students should be able to:

  • translate from Japanese to English
  • understanding main points and detail from written material
  • infer meaning from complex written material
  • assimilate and use information from written sources
  • develop research skills, demonstrating the ability to initiate and conduct individual research using a range of authentic sources in Japanese
  • use information from research findings and an unseen stimulus to put forward an argument, draw conclusions and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the research subject

Although speaking skills are not directly assessed in the qualification, students should be encouraged to develop their speaking skills in Japanese during the course of study.


Written examinations - 3 papers.

Future Opportunities

Studying Japanese will give you something a bit different to add to your CV or university application. The qualification will make you an excellent communicator which is a vital skill to have for most careers. Many students choose to progress to university to continue their language studies, either as a stand alone degree or combined with another subject.

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