Student Support

The change from school to Sixth Form is exciting but it is also very different. We'll make sure support is provided through this transition period and right through until the very last day.

Personal Tutor

Each student will receive a personal tutor. These members of staff focus on helping and supporting students throughout their studies. To keep things low-key they are available every day to help sort out any problems as and when they arise. Students benefit enormously from this and are able to study without any added stress.

Student Services Manager

Each Sixth Form also has its own Student Services Manager. They will help students settle in and will be a vital point of contact during the time with us.

Regular Reviews and Feedback

The academic review is a regular process that is carried out across The Consortium. Approximately every eight weeks students will receive an assessment from their subject teachers and feedback on progress and achievement. These are measured against projected grades and are intended to help students focus and take responsibility.