Student Profiles


Rosie, Physical Education student

"I decided to study PE in Sixth Form as I enjoy sport and wanted to learn more about the anatomy and physiology. The course is quite challenging but fun. Through my studies I have also developed my leadership skills and knowledge regarding healthy lifestyles. In the future I plan to go to university."


James, English Language and Literature student

"I chose to study this combined English course to improve my linguistic skills. I enjoy the subject because my teachers are really helpful and we have a small class which really personalises my learning. I enjoy the Sixth Form environment that we have and the free transport is terrific."


Hollie, Psychology student

"I use the free Sixth Form transport to complete my studies and have made new friends by doing this. The bus system is very easy and straight forward to follow and the drivers are always happy to see us. Psychology has developed my analytical skills and we also have lots of enjoyable discussions and debate in class."