Wolfreton Sixth Form College

Who is the course aimed at?      

This course is aimed at students who:

  • Have a passion for music and music technology
  • Can read music and play an instrument
  • Want to learn about recording and how producing music works
  • Like using computers to create music

What will you learn?     

This music technology specification has an emphasis on practical work and involves a wide range of practical activities encouraging the cultivation of many skills.

Students will have opportunities to:

  • Sequence MIDI
  • Sequence audio
  • Record live instruments
  • Produce CDs
  • Compose using music technology

In addition students will build their understanding of the technical processes and principles that underpin the effective use of music technology.

How will you be assessed?         

Students must complete four tasks which together make up the qualification. These are:

  • Recording: 3 - 3.5 minutes, externally assessed. 20% of A Level
  • Technology based composition: 3 minutes, externally assessed. 20% of A Level
  • Listening and analysing: Written exam, 1 hour 30 minutes. 25 % of A Level
  • Producing and analysing: Written/practical exam, 2 hours 15 minutes. 35% of A Level

Students are required to study the development of popular music. The course is not intended to be a comprehensive and in depth study of every popular, jazz or rock music style, but an overview of the main styles and trends during the development of popular music.

How will you learn?       

Learning will take place in a variety of settings. These include:

  • Class taught sessions in a lecture style
  • Hands-on sessions using the recording and sequencing equipment and our studio
  • Sessions when you become the producer and director; telling others where to set up and where you want the microphones
  • Opportunities to experiment with music and technology, both in school and away from the centre

Music technology plays a key role in music across the world. This qualification is designed to open up a range of exciting and useful tasks to a wide candidature, and to encourage students to learn about the subject. Students, including those who do not play a traditional instrument, are encouraged to explore their musicality and create original materials using technology.

Enrichment activities and independent learning?           

We would demand that students spend a great deal of time working on coursework and techniques outside of the classroom.

Our studio, between two classroom work spaces, is available outside of lesson time. Therefore, we would expect music technology students to participate in extra-curricular groups and experiment in recording and techniques applied.

We also expect music technology students to be involved with school concerts and other school performances/events. This will enhance and further develop hands on recording skills.

What or where next?    

There are many important opportunities in higher education, and many career possibilities for those proficient in handling music technology.

This qualification has been widely accepted by higher education and will provide valuable experience and preparation for students aiming to continue with their studies in the subject.

Music technology careers could include work as a sound engineer, record producer or teacher.

More information          

For more information about this course please see the specification below or contact the sixth form team.