Cottingham Sixth Form College

Who is the course aimed at?     

Modern Foreign Languages are attractive to students who:

  • Have an interest and enthusiasm for languages
  • Enjoy developing inter-personal skills
  • Enjoy discussing and debating contemporary issues relevant to young adults
  • Are interested in a career abroad or with a multi national company or using their skills to influence future generations

How will you learn?       

Throughout the course we aim to develop independent learners with a wide variety of generic skills. These objectives are met through:

  • Teacher led activities and interactive teaching introducing new material
  • The use of specialist textbooks and examination board web- based learning materials
  • Use of past examinations and mark schemes
  • Taking part in debate and discussions
  • Working in groups to discuss and develop ideas
  • Studying authentic texts

What will you learn?     

For A Level German the focus is on how German speaking countries have been shaped, socially and culturally and how it continues to change.

You will study two key topics:

Social Issues and Trends 

  • Aspects of modern life 
  • The digital world
  • Youth culture 
  • Immigration
  • Racism
  • Integration

Political and Artistic Culture

  • Artistic culture in the German speaking world
  • Festivals and traditions
  • Art and architecture
  • Aspects of political life

To support these two topics you will be expected to have studied the grammatical system and structures of the language at GCSE. In the exam you will be expected to use grammar accurately.

In addition students must study either 1 text and 1 film or 2 texts from a set list. Examples include Frisch: Andorra, Heine Gedichte: Buch der Lieder, Hensel: Zonen Kinder, Goodbye Lenin, Lola rennt, Sophie Scholl - Die Letzten Tage.

How will you be assessed?         

  • Unit 1 - Listening Reading and Writing                                                                                  2 hour 30 minutes, 100 marks (50%)
  • Unit 2 - Writing                                                                                                                        2 hours, 80 marks (20%)
  • Unit 3 - Speaking                                                                                                                        21-23 minutes, 60 marks (30%)

Enrichment activities and independent learning?           

Depending on your place of study, activities could include:

  • Visits to universities, taking part in cultural activities
  • Visits to Target-Language speaking countries
  • Participation in external courses to stretch and challenge

What and where next?

Competence in a foreign language is a very marketable qualification. Expert knowledge of foreign languages is in great demand both in the UK and abroad but yet less than 1% of the workforce in business possesses it.

Language graduates have a high degree of employability; recent surveys have shown that 95% immediately find employment.

Possible career areas include:

  • Translators, interpreters, language teaching
  • Business, politics, law, journalism
  • Travel and tourism, marketing, media, financial services

More information          

For more information about this course please see the specification below or contact the sixth form team.