Cottingham, Hessle and Wolfreton Sixth Form College

Who is the course aimed at?     

Geography is a subject which is especially attractive to those who want to maintain links with the ‘real world’ outside of the classroom. It can be classified as an art, science or social science subject, suitable for any combination of A Level studies.

This course is attractive to students who:

  • Have an interest in geography
  • Want to experience a variety of teaching styles in and outside the classroom
  • Want to extend the transferrable skills so desired by many employers and universities
  • Wish to reach high academic success

What will you learn?     

You will study the following areas of human and physical geography:

  • Year 12
    • Changing Places
    • Coastal Systems and Landscapes Contemporary Urban Environments Hazards
  • Year 13
    • Global Systems and Governance Water and Carbon Cycles

In Year 12 and Year 13 you will also complete an individual geographical investigation which must include data collected in the field. It can relate to any part of the specification.

Throughout the course you will develop your geographical, numeracy and literacy skills.

How will you be assessed?         

  • Paper 1 - Physical Geography Written exam: 2 hour 30 minutes 40% of A Level
  • Paper 2 - Human Geography Written exam: 2 hour 30 minutes 40% of A Level
  • NEA - Geographical Investigation: 3000 - 4000 words 20% of A Level

How will you learn?       

You will be taught in a number of different ways such as discussion work, team projects and the use of various learning platforms (e.g. academic journals).

You will also complete research tasks together with fieldwork and data collection.

Regular homework is set including exam questions.

We will show you how examiners mark and will work with you to ensure that your exam technique is of a high standard.

Enrichment activities and independent learning?           

Geography is one of the few subjects to study the real world, by first hand experiences. Throughout the two years you will have the opportunity to participate in fieldwork close to home and further afield. Fieldwork locations will vary depending on your place of study.

We offer a number of resources for independent learning. Geography staff are very approachable and are happy to provide additional support outside lessons.

We arrange for our students to attend exam technique lectures and provide revision classes and intervention sessions outside of regular lessons.

What or where next?    

There are numerous careers where this geography qualification is important. It is such a flexible subject that it is sought after widely.

A geographical career can be highly rewarding and can lead to many new opportunities, however many A Level geographers have entered seemingly unlikely careers e.g. accountancy and law. Others have been successful in careers where a broad vision is required rather than technical specialisation, e.g. social services and personnel management.

More information          

For more information about this course please see the specification below or contact the sixth form team.